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Bengali girls in santa fe

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Bengali girls in santa fe

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The Patua are a unique community, in that their traditional occupation is the painting and modelling of Hindu idols, yet many of them are Muslims. Im name Patua is a corruption of the Bengali word Pota, which means an engraver. They are also widely known as Chitrakar, which literally means a scroll painter.

There are a of theories as to the origin of this community, one which relates to the fact that they were cast out when they fell out with their Brahmin priests. They seem to be one of a of tribal groupings found in the Midnapore Region that were over time Islamized. They are mentioned both in Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic classic or historical literature, as they moved back and forth from Hinduism and Buddhism to Islam.

The Patuas paid little attention to faith, while looking for patronage. Chitrakars themselves might have converted to Islam as a strategy to avoid the oppression by a hierarchy of subcastes created during the Sen Dynasty. This was an extremely slow process with the Patuas, as seen by the fact that bengalo Patua has two names, one Hindu and one Muslim.

For generations, these scroll painters or patuas have gone from village to village with their scrolls or pat singing stories in return for money or food. The pats or scrolls are made of sheets benhali paper of equal or different sizes which are sown together and painted with ordinary poster paints. Originally they would have been painted on cloth and used to tell religious stories such as the medieval mangal poems.

Today they may be used to comment on social and political issues such as the evils of cinema or the promotion of literacy. Present circumstances[ edit ] The Patua are found mainly in the districts of Murshidabad, Name of behgali village in this District are karbelia- Panchthupi, kandi, Gokarna, Amlai, Dokshinkhanda, Jhilli.