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Main characters[ edit ] Officers are listed by the rank they held at first appearance on the program; some officers later held higher ranks.

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When he is eventually promoted to captain of the Polk Avenue Precinct, his leadership problems follow him, and an explosion of racial tensions at Polk Avenue result in him being relieved of command and made an advisor to Chief Daniels.

By the end of the series, Ray davenoort reed from the force and is instead providing Spanish-language training to the police. Chief Fletcher Daniels Jon Cypher—87 The chief of police — formerly an inspector and the captain of the 23rd Precinct — has many men under him, but he seems to pay special attention to Frank, partly because he had worked with Frank before he became chief and partly because Hill Street is the most dangerous precinct in the city.

Daniels frre Furillo's integrity, though it often frustrates him as it interferes with what he considers effective policy or political expediency.

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Several times he accuses Frank of disloyalty. Datinng not provably corrupt, Daniels is an opportunist with very little conscience. Because of his traditional approach to police work which includes a lack of interest in the civil rights of suspectsDaniels finds a kindred spirit in Howard Hunter, though Hunter is not within the Chief's inner echelon. Ray Calletano finds the Chief particularly irritating.

Daniels is often concerned about the status of racial diversity in the department, though his worry is related solely to the image of the department rather than to a genuine concern for civil rights. Daniels's wife is first referred to as Anne, then as Cora. Lucy is attracted to Joe, but is in constant judgment of his off-duty lifestyle, which she considers to be that of a "lounge lizard. Because of his large stature, he is usually the one chosen to sitess down doors when necessary.

Coffey holds the unusual distinction of being killed twice during the course of davenpoort series; his first death was changed into a severe injury when the producers decided to make Coffey's character Bates' regular partner. Fay Furillo Barbara Bosson—86 Frank's ex-wife. In early seasons, she made frequent visits to the precinct house to harangue Frank about things such as alimony, child support, the exploits of their son Frank Junior and her own life problems.

In season 3 after one such harangue had begun, Furillo lost his temper with her frwe forced her to come to terms with the fact that since they were no longer married, she shouldn't keep coming to him for solutions. She became less shrill and developed new life You ce from Fort Smith Arkansas for a webcams xxx she also became involved with and pregnant by Judge Paul Grogan and delivered a baby girl in season 4.

Fay later became romantically involved with Goldblume in season 4 and, to a lesser extent, Detective Garibaldi. Her relationship with Joyce Davenport ex-wife to current wife is covered infrequently during the series, but after a rocky start especially when Frank Junior appeared to siyes Joyce to his motherthey seem to have come to an understanding and even a friendship, though not a close one. In his excited moments, when he is defending his ex-wife to a third party, Furillo will occasionally slip and refer to Fay as his wife.

Fay is rarely intimidated by anyone and displays a devastating right hook on occasion; she also takes karate lessons on afrair 4 that prove extremely effective on one occasion. Her screen time sitds dramatically reduced, and ultimately eliminated without dsting during the season 6. He is transferred from Polk Avenue after a physical altercation with a female officer, replacing Bates as desk sergeant in the process. Well-respected by the men, though he does not inspire the emotional bond that Phil had.

Lives alone except for his dog, Blackie. Instead of urging his officers to datinf careful out there," he encourages his people to davemport it to them before they do it to us"; in season 6, this is tempered to "They're getting away out there! Post-retirement, he continues to spend time with his former colleagues during their off duty hours and occasionally provides assistance when the opportunity arises.

He spends his nights in law school classes, juggling his schedules so that he can complete law school in four years. Partners with Detective Free affair dating sites davenport. Fatally stabbed in season 6 while heavily in debt to loan sharks from gambling losses. Detective Patricia "Patsy" Mayo Mimi Kuzyk—85 Much more "by the book" than her partner, Mwm seeking married female for Rockville Garibaldi, and very defensive of her police practices.

Well respected by her peers. She approached the married Captain Furillo, who politely declined davenpirt romantic relationship. Chief Daniels became infatuated with her in season 5 after reviewing a videotape of her being undressed by a predatory dentist; when Mayo rebuffed his advances, Daniels tried to have her kicked off the force, until Furillo intervened. Returned to Midtown at the beginning of season 6. Lieutenant Norman "Guido" Buntz Dennis Franz—87 Buntz is an effective officer and an excellent marksman, but he often cuts corners datig uses questionable tactics.

His manner is loud and full davenpotr as much profanity as television would allow at the time. On his first day on the Hill, he convinces a captain in another precinct to retire so that Ray Calletano can take his captaincy and leave the Hill and he, Buntz, can function more effectively in his new precinct. Buntz develops an uneasy relationship with Sid the Snitch.

Due to his aggressive style, Buntz is frequently the target of internal investigations; in one case, a corrupt Internal Affairs investigator sets Buntz up, using Buntz's record datlng make the set-up appear real. In the last episode, he punches Chief Daniels — who had been publicly calling for his dismissal — in the face. Disgraced and unemployed, he moves to Beverly Hills, California with Sid and becomes a private investigator — the premise of the short-lived spin-off Beverly Hills Buntz.

As he Desperate women chat cam Captain Furillo on his first day on the Affalr, though he davenpodt of German ancestry, he looks like "such a Guinea.

Turned in his partner, an old friend of Lieutenant Buntz, River-falls-AL interracial sex his enmity. An able patrol officer, but Tina also works undercover from time to time, which is how she first comes into contact with J. Russo gets into some trouble for sleeping with a criminal whom she is investigating, rather than merely "seducing" him at length. Later mentored by Belker; briefly linked romantically with Flaherty, though she is reluctant to make their affair public.

Other characters[ edit ] Assistant D. Recruited Davenport to the District Attorney's office in Season 5. Known to refer to himself as "Mrs. Bernstein's son" when making a point. In Season 6, Bernstein is part of Captain Furillo's commission on corruption, which secures indictments against more than three dozen officers and lays blame on Chief Daniels as well.

He confesses his Swm w foot fetish iso lady to indulge my to Joyce Davenport and kisses her in Season 7. Leaves Hill Street in the last episode for a private practice in Los Angeles. Commander later Mayor Ozzie Cleveland J. PrestonOriginally introduced as the commander of the powerful Midtown Precinct, Cleveland was also the president of the Black Officers' Coalition, and he nominated Bobby Hill to the vice-presidency of the BOC.

When mayoral candidate Councilman Benjamin Fisk free affair dating sites davenport kills himself ten days before the election, Cleveland enters the race and - assisted by Fletcher Daniels' mishandling of a police shooting and Deputy Chief Mahoney's last-minute revelations of Daniels' role in trying to cover up that shooting - wins election in a landslide.

He has a particular hatred of drug dealers - having grown up constantly exposed to them in a poor area of the city - and invests ificant political capital in "Operation Stop 'n' Cop", a sweep operation that nearly costs Furillo his command. Cleveland's own son, Lee, is revealed to be a junkie ; while Ozzie wants Lee out of his life, his wife Leona still supports him. Cleveland later survives an assassination attempt engineered by former Captain Jerry Fuchs.

He wears glasses, is somewhat overweight, and is in a rather unhappy marriage. Leo attempts to save a sitez addict named Rico, staying with him in a jail cell until he gets straight, but Rico eventually relapses. After his wife leaves him, Leo loses quite a bit of weight and later on elopes to New Zealand with the female "khaki" officer, Natalie.

Her erotic desires seem to know no end and, even in public, she sometimes appears to be restraining the throes of passion. Briefly partnered with Hunter before returning to Esterhaus. Esterhaus eventually expires while in her bed, and she becomes a nun.

Unable to avoid the temptations of the flesh, she leaves the nunnery and becomes a field representative free affair dating sites davenport a condom company. Jesus Martinez Trinidad SilvaBeautiful lady want sex Kodak Introduced as the warlord of the Diablos youth gang, Martinez often works with Furillo if he can gain an advantage for himself. Serves time in jail after he uses a government grant to play the futures market, loses all the money, and tries to recoup his losses by stealing the police payroll.

He renounces his gang colors after his marriage, enrolls in law school using forged documents. Despite Martinez's long list of violent crimes, Furillo develops a thinly concealed respect for his big ideas and his clever readings of people. He is a tough cop with a New England accent, and was a former "drinking buddy" of Furillo before Furillo swore off alcohol.

Fuchs is not well respected by his superiors or his officers, who consider being under Fuchs' command a to do anything they want. His department is found to be pervasively corrupt, leading to its dissolution. Fuchs quits rather than be fired and instead sets up his own private investigation firm. Fuchs attempts to kill Mayor Cleveland and then suffers a heart attack while trying to flee to Saint Louis, Missouri ; he dies in the hospital.

Alan Wachtel Jeffrey Tambor—87 Introduced as a sleazy and unscrupulous attorney who occasionally hangs around the Hill Street precinct, Wachtel attended law school with Joyce Davenport, where he was one of the best students in the class. After a period of wearing dresses to "explore his gender identity", he eventually becomes a judge courtesy of political patronage and, after a rough start, quickly becomes more "by-the-book," but also more cynical.

Alf Chesley Gerry Black—84 A soft-spoken sergeant who Other women to play tennis promoted to lieutenant after serving for many years on the force. Bobby Hill wants him to take a more active role in the Black Officers' Coalition, but Alf declines and politely lectures him on how long he has waited for advancement and how many movements dedicated to affirmative action he has seen come and go.

After his promotion, Alf is given more responsibility but is hardly ever an integral part of a story. Not seen after season 3. Captain Freedom Dennis DuganA superhero "wannabe" who crosses paths with Belker on several occasions.

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He gives inspirational speeches to Belker about society and the power of the human mind and spirit, though they are invariably followed by a statement that reveals him to be aaffair. Killed when he attempts to intervene in an armed robbery of a bar set up for a police corruption investigation. Ingratiated herself to Detective Belker when she agreed to accompany him on visits to his incapacitated father.

Pursued an on-again, off-again relationship with Belker until becoming pregnant by him in Season 6 and marrying him later that season. Detective Sal Benedetto Dennis Franzcharacter of Dennis Franz, the corrupt Detective from Midtown Vice is famous for three events: Im willing are you Renko in a backstreet brawl, being beaten up by Hill in revenge, and committing suicide in a bank's safe-deposit area when his corruption is discovered after one of his schemes nearly gets Washington killed.

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He speaks both English and Spanish fluently. In the episode " Doris in Wonderland ", he shoots in an apartment whom he mistakes to be a prowler.

His recovery from the tragedy is slow and painful. She is efficient and has a wry sense of humor. Natalie develops strong feelings for Leo, which are sometimes manifested as half-serious jabs at his character or appearance. I just Sexy woman seeking hot sex Price to Miami for work. I've been described as an addict I just can't get enough.

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