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Profile I was born and raised in the lakeside town of Entebbe in uganda. Currently I am developing my creative writing skills. And you are a bad influence on Quteh!

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We need the iron more than we need gold. What can we give Hazabi when they have everything in abundance?

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That is why I suggested Hatsa; they will be grateful for whatever we throw their way. Go with strong young men; we do not want to give the wrong impression. His forehead was creased in concentration as he passed the spearhead swiftly across his palm. It drew blood. Cursing loudly, he stood up to enter the house and saw her.

Smiling, he walked towards her, cleaning his palm on his loin cloth. Quteh, why us? Why me?

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vreelance There were many other young girls there with their male relatives, all excited. The scouts had already begun their search. The girls, whenever torchlight neared them, showed themselves to their best advantage.

Every now and then, a sob escaped from the dark veil covering her head. When the scout stood in front of her, her father pushed her to stand straight and removed the veil.

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The man took one look lancastwr Nkqeshe and shouted in excitement. I have found the girl! The excited chatter in the hall died down as everyone moved nearer to see the girl.

Nkqeshe sagged again, leaning on her father, as the men shamelessly probed her body with their eyes and hands, looking for flaws. Tell her to come here! I have heard good news at the market down at the sea! The merchants say we are going on frfelance trading expedition to Hazabi. That in itself is good news but there is more.

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The queen has decided that Hazabi is in need of another royal wife! The queen has sent scouts to search for the most beautiful girls. Let me tell you, freelahce, the ruler of Hazabi is a very wealthy man! You will go with Aba.

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Besides, the governor must give Nkqeshe away if she is chosen or else he will be branded a traitor. The gods have remembered us! Let us dance to the mercy of the gods! Nkqeshe picked another pot and began walking away. We need more water.

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Even the tributes and taxes have not helped since all the revenue is rewarded the hardworking subjects of the kingdom. Every man knew that payments were being made to the commanders and a few councilors to ensure that Nkissi ruled smoothly.

We can also get cheap iron ore from the traders there. We need the iron more than we need gold. What can we give Hazabi when they have everything in abundance? That is why I suggested Alncaster they will be grateful for whatever we throw their way.