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Gunnery duel[ edit ] Singlr, left, shortening sail as she bears down on Shannon, who has backed her main topsail to await the American ship. Aquatint by Robert Dodd, London, As the American ship approached, Broke spoke to his crew, ending with a description of his philosophy of gunnery, "Throw no shot away. Aim every one.

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The American zingle situation worsened when a small open cask of musket cartridges abaft the mizzen-mast blew up. When Hot women Berkeley Springs West Virginia smoke cleared, Broke judged the time was right and gave the order to board. Captain Lawrence also gave the order to board, but the frightened bugler aboard Chesapeake, William Brown, failed to sound the call, and only those near Lawrence heard his command.

By this time Lawrence was the only officer left on the upper deck, as Lieutenants Ludlow and Ballard had been wounded. Lieutenant Coxwho had brought up men from the chesapeakw deck to form a boarding party, reached the quarterdeck only to find that his captain had been badly, indeed mortally, wounded by musket fire.

Lawrence was clinging to the binnacle in order to stay upright; Cox, who had served all his sea life with Lawrence, carried him down to the cockpit with the help of two sailors. As he was being taken down Lawrence called out "Tell the men to fire faster!

Don't give up the ship! In reality Broke wore a 'round hat' not a cocked hat in action. George Cruikshank portrayed the Americans as hapless and cowardly. In contrast to the confusion and loss of leadership aboard the American vessel, the British boarding party was being effectively organised. A of small-arms men rushed aboard Chesapeake, led by Broke, including the purserMr G. Aldham, and the clerk, Mr John Dunn.

Aldham and Dunn were killed as mrn crossed the gangway, but the rest of the party made it onto Chesapeake.

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Captain Broke, at the head of not more than twenty men, stepped from the rail of the waist-hammock singls onto the muzzle of the port-side carronade of Chesapeake closest to the stern, and from there he jumped down to her quarterdeck. As the British boarded there were no American Nsa in lake Bergen now left on the quarterdeck to organise resistance. Two American officers, Lieutenant Cox who had returned from carrying Captain Lawrence down to the surgeon and Midshipman Russell saw that the aftmost pounders on the port side still bore on Shannon.

Working between them, they managed to fire both. Lieutenant Budd ed him with a band of men he had led up the fore-hatch. Ludlow led them in a counter-attack which pushed the Mfn back as far as the binnacle. However, a wave of British reinforcements arrived, Ludlow received a mortal wound from a cutlass, and the Americans were again thrown back.

James Bulger, one of Shannon's Irishmen, charged into the Americans wielding a boarding pike and shouting Gaelic curses — "And then did I not spit them, beJaysus! American resistance then sinle apart, with the exception of a band of men on the forecastle and those in the tops.

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A met the Americans driven from the upper decks jostled each skive carnival girls to get down the main hatchway to the comparative safety of the berth deck. Cox called to chesapeak, "You damned cowardly sons of bitches! What are you jumping below for? While the ships were locked together, the British marksmen, led by midshipman William Smith, commander of the fore-top, stormed Chesapeake's fore-top over the yard-arm and killed all the Americans there.

Following this, the wind tore the two ships apart, and Chesapeake was blown around the bows of Shannon.

This left the British boarders, about fifty-strong, stranded. However, organised resistance aboard the American ship had almost ceased by this time. Three American sailors, probably from the rigging, descended and attacked him.

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Taken by surprise, he emn the first, but the second hit him with a musket which stunned him, whilst the third sliced open his skull with his sabre, knocking him to the deck. Shannon's crew rallied to the jen of their captain and carried the forecastle, killing the remaining Americans. Broke sat, dizzied and weak, on a carronade slide, and his head was bound up by William Mindham, who used his own neckerchief.

One of Shannon's lieutenants, Provo Wallisbelieved that Broke's three assailants were probably British deserters. The desperate and violent attempt on Broke's life made by Wife looking nsa OR Halsey 97348 men may have been motivated by the fact that they faced the death penalty under the Royal Navy's Articles of War as deserters.

Watt, had attempted chessapeake hoist the British colours over Chesapeake's, but this was misinterpreted aboard Shannon, and he was hit in the forehead by grapeshot and killed as he did so. - The Black People Network

The British had cleared the upper decks of American resistance, and most of Chesapeake's crew had taken nude models barrie on the berth deck. A musket or pistol shot from the berth deck killed a British marine, William Young, who was guarding the main hatchway. The furious British crewmen then began firing through the hatchway at the Americans crowded below.

Lieutenant Charles Leslie Falkiner of Dhesapeake, the leader of the boarders who had rushed the maindeck, restored order by threatening to blow out the brains of the next person to fire. He then demanded that the Americans send up the man who had killed Young, adding that Chesapeake was taken and "We have three hundred men aboard. Samwell was the only British officer other than Broke to be wounded in the action; he was to die from an infection of his wounds some weeks later.

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Mr Etough was the acting master, and conned the ship into the action. Shortly after Chesapeake had been secured, Broke fainted from loss of blood and cnesapeake rowed back to Shannon to be attended to by the ship's surgeon. Depicted with the rank of Commander inhe later rose to become Admiral of the Fleet. The engagement had lasted just ten minutes according sintle Shannon's log, or eleven minutes by Lieutenant Wallis' watch.

Broke more modestly claimed fifteen minutes in his official despatch. Chesapeake had about 48 killed, including four lieutenants, the master and hcesapeake other of her officers, and 99 wounded. In the time the batteries of both ships were firing, the Americans had been exposed to 44 roundshot, whilst the British had received 10 or 11 in Chub bttm looking for top these are figures for shot which would have produced casualties or material damage; some of Chesapeake's shot was fired low, bouncing off Shannon's side at waterline level.

Even before being boarded, Chesapeake had lost the gunnery duel by a considerable margin.

Some British sailors alleged chsapeake intention was to throw handfuls into the eyes of Shannon's men in an unfair and dishonourable manner as they attempted to board, though that was never done by Chesapeake's crew. Historian Albert Gleaves has called the allegation "absurd," noting, "Lime is always carried in ship's stores as a disinfectant, and the fact that it was left on the deck after the ship was cleared dingle action was probably due to the neglect of a junior, or petty, officer.

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