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But that alternative history uses real history as a jumping-off point, so viewers are bound to wonder about some of the events and settings depicted in the miniseries — particularly the first few episodes, before the story veers into obvious invention. One of the prime settings for the series is a Hollywood gas station run by a suave operator named Ernie West Dylan McDermott. The answer to that depends on whether or not you believe Scotty Bowers, who is clearly the model for the Ernie character.

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A cavalcade of movie stars and others were attracted to the station like the proverbial moth to a flame.

I became the go-to guy in town for arranging whatever people desired. Whatever folks wanted, I had it.

I could make all their fantasies come true. Straight, gay, or bi; male or female; young or old — Hollywoood had something for everyone.

But his stories have also been backed up esort a of people who were around Hollywood at the time. Several Hollywood biographies, including ones on Vivien Leigh and Katharine Hepburn, describe the Richfield station in more or less the same way Bowers does. Quite the contrary.

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As for tricks that I performed personally, I was often seeing two or three people a day. Scotty Bowers in Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood Knowing who to feature in Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, and who to leave on the cutting room floor, was one of the main challenges for director Matt Tyrnauer, who had heard about the petrol station as a seasoned Vanity Fair reporter.

I basically started making the movie that day. The whole thing is written with a charming, and sometimes lightweight, good nature — Bowers wishes happiness to the Vice Squad policeman who would secretly fellate him, and is similarly cursory about the onset of the Aids crisis in the Eighties.

Many of the revelations have involved the outing of stars. The fans, as the documentary explores, were rather more rankled.

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A telling moment regards Tyrone Power. I used to go pick them up for him and I never gave him these. It is Mae West, the woman once imprisoned for being too sexy, who receives one of the rare instances of criticism in Full Service for her treatment of Paul Novak, a man 30 years her junior with whom she was infatuated.