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Residence of Geo. Stahl, South 18th. Exterior view of two-story home, Queen Anne style. Exterior drawing of office and factory building, horses and buggies and people outside.

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BW Exterior 7" x 5". Cornelius G.

Volk was the sculptor. Groip statue was dedicated July 4, where it faced west along 5th street. The statue was moved in to the west side of Washington Park, along 4th street when the first Lincoln- Douglas Debate Monument was installed. The statue was moved again in but You re so lovely faces west along 4th street. A bronze replica of the statue is on display at the Illinois State Capitol Rotunda.

More information can be found at: www.

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BW Exterior 8" x 10". BW Interior Portrait 8" x 10".

One of the first settlers and founder of Quincy, IL. His first log cabin was a one room cabin on Front and Delaware Streets. Later he would build a larger cabin, the Mansion and the Octagonal House. BW Portrait 8" x 10". The acre tract john Wood buys from the Military Tract becomes the foundations of Tewksbury married girls tonight, Illinois. Wood served as the 12th Governor of Illinois.

For more information see:. BW Portrait 5" x 7". This was John Wood's third home. John Wood VI is standing at center in the striped t-shirt and shorts. BW Exterior 7" x5". Quincy, ILL.

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BW Exterior 5" x 7". The home was built in and Wood lived there a few short years before returning to igrl Greek Revival style mansion nearby. The Octagonal House was repurposed into a school building and used by St. The poster is T.

Roosevelt and the man at the podium is believed to be T. The platform was on Vermont Street opposite the Courthouse between 5th and 6th streets.

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Carlin was from the Carrollton, IL area and served from until Text on photograph re, "Statue of Governor Carlin. Grace Bigelow Grace A.

Bigelow, 5 years old. Quincy, IL. BW 4" x 6". Grace Daugherty Grace Daugherty.

Grading of 12th and Chestnut Grading the intersection of 12th and Chestnut about the turn of the century by Hy B. Hummert, contract h. Grand Army of the Republic Text re, "G. All Soldiers and Sailors expected to be present. BW Exterior grou; x 8". The men were the surviving members of the 50 Illinois Infantry. BW Exterior 8" x 5". Convention Parade held May 18, Music is by Rosenbush's Band. Notes on back say: Grandma and Grandpa May. Portrait BW 6. Storefront exterior, man in doorway, man on delivery wagon pulled by a horse.

Grant Motor Co. Exterior view with announcing arrival of the Golden Ford V-8 in August PDF File Only! Grant School House District No. BW Drawing 6" x 4. Peter's Cemetery, below another priest's grave.

He does not even have a separate hetone. His name was engraved on the back side of a stone erected for one of his white colleagues. Exterior photo of white cross hetone with engraving in cemetery. Augustine Tolton, born April 1,died July 9, Peter's Cemetery. Father Tolton is buried beneath Father Kerr, who died March 2, Exterior photo of white cross gravestone with engraving. Great Western Marble Co. Exterior photo pf three story brick buildiing, Naughty seeking sex Akron, and people.

The story of one could not be told without including some words about the other two. The fact is Greenmount Cemetery belongs not solely to Salem Church but also to South Quincy and indeed to the whole city and surrounding communities. The congregation tried in and in to acquire land for a cemetery, but the arrangements could not be made.

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The congregation tried a third time, in the spring ofunder the leadership of Rev. Simon Kuhlenhoelter. On June 8, Salem Congregation decided to buy a tract of land on South 12th Street, just outside of the city limits, for the purpose of providing a burial ground. This land is just east of South Park, on one of the highest and driest points near the city limits. This photograph was taken after a large storm that downed many trees and caused heavy damage. Grey Eagle Grey Eagle.

Believed to be sidewheeler built in for Eagle Packet Co. Too large to negotiate turns on the Illinois River. Later participated in parade for President Theodore Roosevelt at St. Louis Oct. Lost in ice January Exterior photo of steamer birl river, small quincy girl group nearby, buildings on shore behind. Charles Winking was the Director, he is standing in the center rear. BW Interior 10" x 8". Guest Piano Co. Burlington, IA. Quincy store at 5th and Maine, Charles Unbehaum, mgr.

Gunther Gkrl Co. Exterior BW 10" x 8". Robert C. Guenther, 3 North 5th became North broup Street. Exterior view of storefront with people outside. Delivery Lets fuck tonight 18840, rear view, painter with Gunther Hardware Co. Delivery truck with two men seated, tools displayed, and s saying Gunther Hardware Co.

Interior view of man by Quaker Burnoil Heaters display. Interior view with items in cases and on walls, four unidentified men. Boxes of supplies along walls, tools in display cases; drill at left front, center aisle. Window display of baseball equipment, gloves, bats, etc.


Interior view of store with display cases and wall storage. Truck Gunther Hardware Co. Exterior photo of truck displaying tools, name and caption "Where you eventually will trade". Oenning H. Oenning, Maine St. Exterior photo of three-story brick building, three men in front. Book Store on second floor.

Exterior photo of storefront, several men, one woman, stacks of crates. Henry B. Geers second storewith tavern to the right. The car is a quiny seven passenger Studebaker.

Heny sold North quimcy and Lind and opened this store in She gave it to her son Virgil, who operated it until Exterior view of two-story brick building with window displays, s, and two men out front identified as Henry B. Geers, Sr. This was Henry B. His wife Ethel operated the storewhen he sold it to George Kiefer. Interior view, three people behind meat counter, shelves of packaged goods.

Geers Meats and Groceries H.

Geers Meats and Groceries, Lind St. His wife, Ethel operated the gkrl until he sold it to George Kiefer in Exterior view, one man, two women, and a dog in doorway.

Exterior photo of barn-like buildings, 22 men, two wagons and three horses. Korn Baking Co. Exterior view of building with three delivery trucks parked in front. Exterior view of building with ten delivery trucks and drivers in front.

Milton Waide Studio H. Milton Waide Studio, North 8th St. Earlier the studio was at North 5th St. Collage of photos with advertisement. Walton Henry P. Born April 25,came to Quincy inand died December 27, He was engaged in the real estate business, served as president of the Quincy Humane Society and of the Woodland Cemetery Association, and was superintendent of streets for 15 years. Ridder and Company H.

Ridder and Company, Hampshire St. Exterior photo taken from newspaper or book. McLaughlin Co. This building was erected in by Mrs. Exterior photo of two story building with awnings,"August Furniture Sale" in windows. Man crossing street, qiuncy parked. Cooley H. Cooley, born in Hartford, CN and came to Quincy in African women Kaneohe sex In he was appointed Secretary of State by Governor French and re-elected in Cooley died March 21, and is grl in Quincy.

Hagenbeck Circus View of the crowds, circus tents and wagons of the Hagenbeck Circus.


Circus was set up at Baldwin Park at 30th and Maine Street. The girl goes missing and is later found dead in a dumpster with evidence of molestation. Quincy Jack Klugman conducts the autopsy and finds evidence that she was killed with a screwdriver. A police investigator Joseph Campanella who specializes in Swingers dating florida types of crimes develops a profile of the killer and believes the mother's boyfriend, Donald Jim Antoniofits it perfectly.

Quincy and the mother cannot believe Donald was responsible for this heinous crime, but as the investigation continues more evidence begins to pile up and everyone becomes concerned over the safety of quincy girl group sister. I felt this started out as a decent episode which features a crime and a murder mystery as well as the handling of some pretty sensitive material in a responsible way, but then there were other plot elements which I found to be completely stupid that brought it down a couple of notches from a quality standpoint.

Specifically, during the scenes where the police are raiding the house of the family and find the child pornography, the place is swarming with cops inside and out and the primary suspect pulls up right out front in a bright orange pick up truck standing out like a neonbut somehow no one notices this despite that they are about to put out a huge dragnet. I also could not believe that even after the police confirmed their suspicions and acknowledge that the sister could be the next victim of the suspect who is still on the loose, unbelievably nobody calls the school or sends officers over there to protect her until the killer is apprehended and she is kidnapped as well.