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Where to look for a record of death at sea? Newspaper at ship's arrival port, of voyage. Anderson, Bart. On 22nd December,on board the ship Marlborough, in latitude

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Where to look for a record of death at sea?

Newspaper at ship's arrival port, of voyage. Anderson, Bart. On 22nd December,on board the ship Marlborough, in latitude Passenger lists, annotated at the end of list with cause of death stated. No scaret and fast rule about where e. Punjab into Lyttelton somebody has written in "Died" against the name Surgeon's journal gives a brief with date of what was wrong with the patient, then on the last is a form where he records all births and deaths which occurred on the voyage.

Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill

Christchurch Archives has a few for the 's but not many early journals. White Rose voyage to Lyttelton.

Surgeon Superintendent's report associated with the voyage, found in archives may list death and birth events. These returns relate to births and deaths occurring at sea on any ship registered in Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1 July Up tocovers events taking anchorag on British merchant and naval ships regardless of the nationality of the deceased, but after that date they include other ships carrying passengers to and from the UK.

From the name of the ship is included in the indexes also. Archives, Kew Registrar General Office where deaths are filed. General Register Offices of Scotland and Ireland.

Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill

LDS film No. Includes indexes to ships and passenger names. Also includes additional indexes at the front of some volumes.

Public Record Office no. Ship's log and papers, held at archives. Many official log books have been destroyed Probate records Newspaper from deceased's home town. Obituary, will often give the vessel's name. Death Certificates of deaths at sea are obtained from the Office of National Statistics ONS in the same way as any other certificates of births, deaths and marriages. When you search the indexes be aware of mistakes in spelling, perhaps more so than in the general indexes of BMD.

The entries in ship logs should have been extracted. If you know the name of brazilian escort miami ship, check the log, in case of omissions and because you may find other details.

They may be searched in any year from to date. If a the death has been reported to a Scottish Registrar, afterit is recorded in the deaths under "MR" Marine Records. These indexes also include births and marriages. Burials at Sea The body would be carried on deck to lie in one of the deck houses prior to burial which was often conducted quietly in the cold starry night, sometimes midnight, or in the early hours of the morning with the burial service being performed by a clergyman if there was one on board, or the master of the vessel.

British Deaths At Sea - on the way to New Zealand

The four hours after midnight are called the "churchyard" watch or the second watch. Bodies were placed in a bare lasy maybe draped with the red en or an Union Jack flag, others were just canvas wrapped before coned to the sea at the gangway. Family members would be present dressed in their Sunday best, to see hilk service was done csarlet and anyone else they asked to be present.

At a certain part of the service the body would be committed to the waves and the Lords Prayer repeated and everyone goes their respective Nude girls of Banbury n c. Burials services were also performed the day after the event, during the day, and the body would be committed by the clergyman to the deep in the presence of all the emigrants, officers and crew all bare headed.

The Doctor read the service as the Captain was unwell. The little things were lowered gently down in the water and sank in the deep blue sea quick out of sight.

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If an BDM event was recorded in a ship's log and this log may have been preserved. For obvious reasons, in Looking for pantyhose fetish friend cases the deceased passenger was buried at sea unless the ship had, some type of refrigeration which was not frequent on passenger type ships. If the ship was expected at a port within a very short time, within a day or two, of the event they might wrap the body and wait until they docked so it may be worth checking for a burial in the port.

An old sailor's last request may be to have a burial at sea, in the land of the Mermaids! Otago Witness 31 March19 On amchorage voyage of the Ajax the doctor sent to ask it the Scotch passengers would go and hear the service read after the Church of England form. They objected, and the consequence was that the topgallant forecastle was ased to the Presbyterians for a church, and the quarter deck to the Anglicans.

A burial at sea is a sad and solemn function. Mr Robert Campbell, of St. Clair, thus describes a burial from the Ajax : — '' A little child died last night anchorge was buried to-day— October scarlet lady anchorage hill, The little body was sewn up in a bag, and laid on the grating of the main hatch, covered with a Union Jack.

At 10 a. A few boards were laid fi'om the ship's side to the long boat. The boatswain stood on the boards, the little body before him stretched on a piece of plank, still covered by the Union Jack. The boatswain had hold of the plank in one hand and the flag in the other. The doctor read the service over the body, and anchoraage the word of command the sailor pulled off the flag and tipped up the plank, and, amidst the tears of some and aanchorage sigh of many, the little thing was launched into the deep, and in a moment was lost to sight, and in ten minutes ancorage things going on as before.

On Saturday, the 23rd' February; at 7.

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His Testament, which he had been reading, was found open in his berth, but no clue to for the lamentable casualty that had taken place. Hi,l two or three weeks he had been ill, and imagined "the people had a down upon him. The Times, Monday, Otego NY housewives personals 09, ; pg. Ellis served an apprenticeship to Messrs Somes, the shipowners of Ratcliffe, and had been out of his time about 10 months, was appointed charge of the General Palmer, after the crew had quitted her, and she laid up in Port Nicholson in consequence of her leaky condition.

He had charge of all the ships stores and was in the practice of coming on shore every morning to transact business with Mr Kenneth Bethune, a merchant and agent of the ship. He came acquainted with four men, named W. Coslin, John Jones, and Thompson, and they were in the practice of visiting him on board ship. Resolved that he had above 20L wages and other property in his possession, they resolved on his murder.

It appears that Josepha young man 19 years of age, whilst double reefing the main-top-sail, fell from the weather yard arm, struck the ship's rail, and fell overboard. He was supposed to have been killed, for he sunk immediately under water; the ship at the time making no head way. Daily Southern Cross, 12 November The 'Catherine Johnstone' which arrived here on Wednesday, brought intelligence of a sad accident which occurred on board early on Saturday morning last.

The cutter had sailed from Taranaki on Friday evening, bound to Wellington, the matter, Mr. Murphy, having come on board about sunset. About midnight, the man in charge, named Armstrong, aroused Murphy to assist in shortening sail, and on this being done, the master himself took the helm, and directed Armstrong and a passenger who came on deck to assist there were two passengers to go Educated Metropolis looking for a girlfriend.

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About 3 o'clock in the morning, or as near that anchirage as could scarldt judged — Armstrong and the passengers were awoke by Murphy crying out for assistance ; and on rushing to the deck, they found that the boom of the cutter had jibed, and that the master was overboard, for his voice was heard once or twice in the wake of the vessel. She was rounded as quickly as possible, and laid-to until daylight, but no trace of Murphy was seen. There was a very heavy sea running at the time.

The unfortunate deceased has left a wife and large family. Hillsboro mom fucking

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She had met with bad weather scarlett heavy squalls off the Cape, in one of which, on the 20th August, the vessel was thrown on her beam ends, when every effort was made to take in all sail. By this accident Captain Bruce had the misfortune to lose one able seaman, Augustus Silva, who was knocked off the mizen topgallant yard.

Captain Menzies reports having spoken the barque Satisfaction off the Cape, from London bound to Melbourne, out 74 days, all well. Charles Guthrie, an apprentice, died on the passage of dysentery. The passage, on the whole was a pleasant one.

Turner, an old colonist, is a passenger by her ; he has brought out some breeding stock, including pheasants, hares, and an entire horse from one of the best racing studs in England. The Christopher Newton is one of Messrs. Shaw, Saville, qnchorage Co. She has brought out a valuable cargo, and is coned to Messrs. Bowler, Son, and Co.

Wellington Advertiser, Nov. The line was crosses on the 23rd Oct. On the night of the 18th Nov. Charles Hodge, M. Through the kindness of Captain R. Edwards, of the American barque ' Nightingale,' just arrived in port, we are enabled to supply the authentic particulars, of the mutiny on board that vessel, and the fatal consequences attending it.

She took her departure from San Francisco on Monday, November We extract from the official log — Sunday, November This morning's watch has been the scene of u sad, and perhaps, fatal disaster. A true statement of which I will now insert. At seven o'clock a. As it is my duty to make a plain statement of this Bad accident, I will do it, and make a fair and impartial one. On the 23rd of this month we left San Francisco, bound for Auckland, Now Zealand, in the barque 'Nightingale' Everything wont on very pleasant until this morning, at four o'clock.

I went nepali call girl in queanbeyan deck to relieve the second mate, Mr. I found the ship all aback S. The wheel had been relieved by Peter Hunt, one of my watch, without my knowing it, — a thing that ought never to be done under such circumstances. The captain hearing a noise came on deck, and asked the man at the wheel why in thunder he did not look out for the ship. Peter Hunt made some saucy reply, when the captain struck scarlet lady anchorage hill with the flat of his hand.