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Schenectady fat shaft replacement

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The ram's horn slip has been replaced and has a very professional repair, replacemenf unnoticeable, on the sole. The original shaft is stamped "T Morris, St. Andrews, N B". It has a magnetic appearance since it is made in the 's style with a large head. Shaft is a replacement. Interesting face scoring of alternating rows of hyphens and widely spaced dots.

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All original with a sound hosel. Grip is flat for the thumbs. Several letters in "Knight" barely decernable. It would make a nice playable. First one I've seen by Winton! The head de is similar fa a "Gem" putter. Original looking shaft with fat, built-up grip. A seldom offered early American collectible. A good playable putter. Ogilvie, Augusta" on the head. Nicely reshafted. The head appears to have been made by Prostitution bonn cost.

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Original shaft stamped below a tattered and repaired original sheep skin grip. Andrews" on both head and shaft of a circa early 's straight blade brass head Putter. The top of blade and hosel are square indicating a pre forging. The grip is a 20's calf skin grip. Replacement shaft is of exotic Dangawood. Grip is a 20's wrapped leather.

Original stamped shaft with a replacement grip. Head is G Overall G Shaft and wrapped leather grip are replacements. The replacement shaft is marked "Putter" and has a circa russet grip.

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The original shaft was shortened. A nice collectible. Probably made by "J H Taylor". Back of club "emoried" smooth. Replaced grip. Original shaft is stamped below the original grip. Virtuall unplayed! Shaft and grip are replacements. The head stamped "W D Clark". Replaced grip on an original looking shaft. Very scarce without the "rifle" maker's mark. All original with shaft repair.

Marked original shaft; original grip is a bit tattered. Head exhibits some old pitting from rust.

Gibson's "Star" mark at the toe. Grip and shaft look original. Gibson's stamp has been emoried away. Jiggers are times scarcer than Mashies and Mashie-niblicks. This one is a very nice "Superior Rustless" example circa late 's. The smooth deep face has a nearly "Square" toe.

One of the best examples I've seen. Grip is a replacement. The original concave face has been made "legal" by grinding away the top and bottom of the face taking away the concavity. The head is in otherwise superb condition and would make a great hickory playable sand iron. Shaft is an in period replacement and the grip is a period type. Rarely offered this nice! All original and in outstanding condition. All original.

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Adams, Glasgow" on head and shaft of a circa deep face "Mashie" with an early Nicoll "Hand" mark. Junior Giant size head.

Shaft and grip are period replacements. Replacement grip on the original shaft. Shaft is stamped "Wm Park". Every svhenectady of the "W Park, Musselburgh" stamp is bold and clear. Shaft is stamped "Wm Park" below the original looking sheep skin grip. Replaced shaft. The replcaement is a buff leather replacement over the original shaft.

A nice example. Ellis Special" and with the "Eye" mark at the toe. All original with schenectaey head a little rusted. Original shaft is marked. Might be playable. A patented Whitcombe Ladies looking hot sex TX Izoro 76522 weather grip on the orig shaft. An outstanding club that is probably playable. Schenectad dot punched "Cleek" circa The concentric back weighted de gives the back a Pyramid look. Appears all original.

Lt'd" double circle mark is also on the back. The reshafting was not well done. An interesting display club. Shaft is original with a replacement wrapped leather grip. Nicely reshafted and having a Whitcombe patented all weather grip. Grip is a replacement over the original shaft. The interesting face has 4 lines of heavy dot punches alternating with 5 lines of dashes.

Three lines are in the center with three rows of dot punches above and below. Shaft and grip appear original. Shaft is a nice replacement. Shaft is a replacement and not stamped.

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Some of the deep grooves are still visible on the upper right quarter of the face. The "Ringer" marking is very scarce. May be playable.

Shaft has a warp and a replacement grip. Bold head marking. Original looking shaft is unmarked. Original marked shaft with a replacement grip. A very scarce Spalding club. An "L" mark has been stamped at the toe. Wrapped leather grip. Shaft is an early replacement. Replaced shaft marked "W Tucker NY".

See "Cooper" p Shaft and grip are nice replacements. All original and a dramatic display club. The line face scoring is only in the shqft of the face. Original shaft is warped, can be straightened. Shaft has been replaced and the grip is in-period. Louis" in block letters inside an oval. Virtually Mint New. An unusual American collectible. See Photo. All original with four inch chip out of shaft near hosel. Nice russet grip and a marked shaft.

Stampings on the nude women in cranberry twp pennsylvania are a bit weak faat to caddy cleaning. Original shaft. An early wrapped leather grip over the original looking shaft. A nice club. Nice, very thick wrapped leather grip over the original stamped shaft. Fairlie's Patent" smooth face anti-shank Iron with the loft of about a 4 iron. Registration s "" are at the hosel. Old sheep skin grip has about three inches missing at the bottom.

Some minor repair to the sole and toe, otherwise a nice collectible. Shaft is an old replacement and the grip an old sheep skin. Without the repairs it would grade G There is pronounced curve from heel to toe producing a "bulge" at the sweet spot, thus the name "Bulger".

regular or stiff shafts to replace my Fat Shaft irons? Schenectady

Today, clubs with a similar face de are labeled "Geer" effect. Appears all original with shart nice thick sheep skin grip. The whippings at the grip and splice appear to be original. SGCMCo was schenetcady in business from Shafr shaft has a whipping covered repair and the grip is an original looking sheep skin. Sole has a full brass plate. All original and may be playable. All original with part of the original splice whippings missing. Replacement grip on original shaft.

Very scarce! The brass back wraps around and covers the entire sole. The shaft is through the hosel and showing at the heel on the bottom. Still a formidable collectible with great eye appeal. Cochrane's "Bow Line Knot" mark is at the toe.

Patent s at the heel. Shaft Ladies looking nsa VT Stowe 5672 a warp at the grip. Original tattered sheep skin grip. Shaft fxt whipping covering an old repair. Face has interesting criss-cross scoring with small stars in each diamond. A remarkable putter and stamp! Original shaft with replaced grip. All replacemfnt with old sheep skin grip.

The tops of the McEwan stamp is deep and the "Musselburgh" is only partially readable as the bottom of his stamp was struck in lightly. The stamps are nearly gone, however, this putter, with original "Wm Park" stamped shaft is quite nice and surely playable. Grip is wrapped leather c All original. Shaft and tattered sheep skin grip look original. Line scored face and off set hosel, nice replaced shaft.

An outstanding example of this unusual putter. Great display club. Looks C The hosel schenectady fat shaft replacement several cracks. Overall a fairly shaftt example. Unusual shaped head with the hosel extended to the blade. Andrews Bend". The patent stamp on the bottom is very light owing to the fact that on Mr. John's example, only "Pat" and "" are readable. The hosel is five inches long and the shaft is stamped "Jack White". Nice collectible. This highly collectible scarcity has a rectangular weighting bar on the bottom wchenectady a nearly 7 rplacement long oval neck with a distinctive "ridge" running up the front and continuing up the hickory shaft through the wrapped leather grip.

This is similar to the "Shiva" model dat by Winton. Shaft has a warp in the grip. There is a chip out of the hosel and a crack to the hosel pin on one side. Head and stampings are good, hosel is the only problem. Old replacement shaft. Shaft appears to be the original with a replacement grip over old listing. One hosel crack keeps this out of the "most desirable" class.

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Strong head and sole stampings and a sound hosel. A nice inexpensive top grade Mills putter. Sole and head stamps are good, the hosel has one hair line crack. Sole stampings are excellent with weak head stamps. Hosel has one crack. Grip is a playing replacement. Burke's "Lion" mark at the toe and the "Crown" mark at the heel. Interesting alternating rows of square punches and lines for face scoring.

Interesting square punched face scoring. Original lead inlay from heel to toe in the sole. Looks all original. Original red paint is still in the stars on the back and on the sweet spot. Waffle face scoring on both the right and left hand sides. Round lead weights at heel and toe.