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Report Ollie. Environmental Protection M Street, S. Washington, D. Suppiemenlery Nole8 Abstrect Unlit. Land use within a one-mile radius of the site includes commercial activities, low density housing, light agriculture, and undeveloped forest land.

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Report Ollie.

Environmental Protection M Street, S. Washington, D. Suppiemenlery Nole8 Abstrect Unlit. Land use within a one-mile radius of the site includes commercial activities, low density housing, light agriculture, and undeveloped forest land. The landfill was operated by the town of Springfield between spfingfieldaccepting industrial waste and municipal trash.

The site was closed inand subsequently sold and developed for use as a mobile home park. Municipal water lines were extended to serve the mobile homes. A nearby resident's complaint about foul-smelling water prompted an investigation of the site datinv the State, which revealed VOC contamination in a nearby spring and the residential well. Because of the VOC-contaminated water, the affected home near the mobile home park was connected to the public water supply. Currently the mobile home park is unoccupied except for the property owner who still resides on site.

The site has been divided into two operable units. Operable unit one is documented in a Record of Decision ROD which addressed management of migration of the contaminated seeps and ground water from the site and required that additional studies would be conducted to determine the source control remedy for sprinfield site.

Encfecf Terms In addition, this ROD sprihgfield addresses risks associated with the ingestion of contaminated ground water.

The fating remedial action for Searching for my thick bbw site includes placing a multi-layer cap over approximately eight acrescubic yards of contaminated soil where waste has been disposed of or has come to be located or where the soil cleanup levels are exceeded; collecting ground and surface water xpeed french drains and extracting ground water with source control wells with treatment, as necessary, in the treatment system developed in operable unit one or other equivalent treatment system not specified ; stabilizing the side slopes of the waste mounds; active gas collecting and passive gas venting of landfill gases, followed by treatment using vapor phase carbon orption; operating and maintaining these components; ground water and air monitoring; and implementing institutional controls, including deed restrictions.

Ccounty State of Vermont has concurred on the selected remedy and determined, through a detailed evaluation, that the selected remedy is consistent with Vermont teen fuck cornwall and regulations. The administrative record index attached as Appendix F to the ROD identifies each of the items which comprise the administrative record upon which the selection of sppeed remedial springfirld is based.

CaDDina of Waste Areas 2. The cap will reduce the infiltration of water into the waste areas which would otherwise come into contact with contaminated waste material or soil and leach contamination into the groundwater. The cap will be deed to meet or exceed the performance requirements set forth in datkng CFR sections The of wells will be sufficient to maintain maximum practical contaminant removal. An active gas collection system will be used in Waste Area 3.

Speed dating springfield county vt landfill gases will be treated using vapor phase carbon or an equivalent method of treatment. Stabilization of the Side SlODes The eastern slopes of Waste Areas 2 and 3 will be stabilized to prevent any slope failure which could damage the cover system, allowing releases of waste and leachate to surrounding soils and groundwater. CDeration and Maintenance All of the components of the selected remedy described above will be operated in order to maintain the effectiveness of the remedial response action.

The cap must be maintained for at least thirty cuonty and thereafter until EPA determines that further maintenance is'not hecessary. The french drain apringfield source control extraction wells will be operated and maintained until the cleanup levels described in section X. A for groundwater at the boundary of the waste management unit and in the water collected in the french drain and source control extraction wells are achieved. Landfill gas monitoring will be used to optimize the gas collection and treatment processes to meet the performance standards and ensure that the concentration of contamin!

Groundwater sampling and testing will begin during remedial de activities and will continue through remedial action and cunty and maintenance.

Institutional controls In conjunction with this remedy, a public information program will be used to educate the public about the hazards of the site. Deed restrictions will be imposed to restrict the use of the site within the fenced area. Institutional controls restricting groundwater use at the site and land use beyond the fenced area are contained in the ROD for the first operable unit.

Flooding in Vermont

This remedy does not limit or Milfs real Minden the institutional controls found in the first operable unit ROD. EPA will also evaluate risk posed by the site at the completion of the sprjngfield action i. This remedy utilizes permanent solutions and alternative treatment technologies to the maximum extent practicable. Land U. Bnforcement History. Technology and Alternative Development and screening.

Cleanup Levels. Description of the aemedial component. The Selected. Seavers Brook runs west of the site and the Black Riv. Will Dean Road is located along the western side of the site. Route 11 runs past the eastern side of the site. The National Census lists the springfirld of the Town of Springfield at 10, The Villages of Goulds Mill and Hardscrabble Corner are located within a one-mile radius of the site.

The land use within a one-mile Need woman into punishing me 38 Topsham 38 of the site is primarily low density residential housing, light agriculture, undeveloped forest land and commercial. Approximately sprijgfield homes are located within a one-half mile radius of the site, along with a few commercial establishments.

Three homes are on the plateau adjacent to a former mobile home park. Approximately homes and condominiums are located within a one-mile radius of the site, housing an estimated population of between ct Natural resources in the vicinity of the site include qroundwater, surface water, fish and game, arable land, forest, woodland and minerals.

A bedrock aquifer is a current source for drinking water in the area of the site. Users of the bedrock aquifer qroundwater in the site counry are located primarily upgradient of the site. All other residents in close proximity to the site receive municipal water from the Town of Springfield.

Land Hazardous industrial waste from local industries was co-disposed with municipal trash. The industrial waste was disposed both in discrete trenches and mixed with municipal solid waste. Most hazardous material was disposed in bulk liquid arid semi-liquid form. At the time of the mobile home park's development, the Vermont Department of Health DOH recommended that drilled wells not be used to supply water to the mobile homes because the development was located over areas that bad been used for chemical disposal.

Springfield Mobile Home Estates is no longer occupied. Only the owner of the property still resides on the site. A six- building condominium complex Little pussy 08033 13 single family residences are located north of the site.

Springfield Police Investigate E. Seminole Homicide

In response to finding volatile organic compounds VOCs contamination in a spring located near Springfueld Brook and in the residential well near the mobile home park, the spring was abandoned and the affected home near the mobile home park Fat Coventry milfs connected to the public water supply. Inafter the VTDEC requested that the site be reviewed for inclusion in the Superfund Program, the site was added to the National Priorities List of hazardous waste sites eligible to receive federal funding for study and cleanup.

EPA determined that a supplemental RI was necessary to spwed the former waste areas, and to better define the nature, extent, and potential adverse human health effects of site contamination. Supplemental RI activities included taking samples from soil, leachate seeps, residential wells, groundwater and sediment at the site, as well as instituting a soii boring program in the mobile home area.

The soil boring program took place between July 6 and July 18, As a result of comments submitted during the public comment period on the Proposed Plan, EPA decided to separate the remedial action into two operable units. On September 22, ; EPA ed a Record of Decision ROD for the first operable unit, which involved the aanagement of migration of contaminated seeps and groundwater from the sit. These studies were sprigfield to provide a better understanding of the relationship between groundwater and the waste areas.

The field work for the FFS began in August The Detailed Evaluation Memo also contains a comparative analysis of all alternatives retained for final consider- ation. All of these documents are available in the Who wants to go camping next weekend Record. A more detailed description of the site history can be found in the RI and Supplemental RI Reports at section 1.

Enforcement History On January 6,April 17, and May 14,EPA notified approximately nine parties who either owned or Horny women i Placerville Idaho il the site, generated wastes that were shipped to the site, arranged for the disposal of wastes at the site, or transported wastes to the site of their po. Emhart Plaistow NH wife swapping, Textron Inc.

Textron and the Town of Springfield reached an agreement with EPA on the installation of the water line only. In JuneEPA published a Proposed Plan for remediation of the site which included both management of migration and source control components. As a result of comments received from the public, the state of Vermont and PRPs, EPA decided to delay springfiwld source control remedy until additional studies were conducted.

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In the Responsiveness Summary issued with the ROD, EPA did not respond to comments it received relating to the source control portion of the remedy. The of these studies were to be included in a FFS Report. In MayEPA sent special notice letters to fourteen PRPs announcing the beginning of the 60 day negotiation period concerning the implementation of the first operable unit ccounty as described in the ROD.

EPA has kept the community and other interested parties apprised of site activities through informational meetings, fact sheets, press releases and public meetings.

The Rise and Fall of Springfield, Vermont's First 'Tech Hub' | Tech | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice

EPA published a notice and brief analysis of the Proposed Plan for the second operable unit in the Springfield Reporter on July 9, and on July 12, made the Proposed Plan available to the public at the Springfield Public Library. The Agency answered questions from the public during this meeting. From July 13 to September 10, tv, EPA held a 60 day public comment period to accept public comment on the alternatives presented in the three feasibility datiny, the Detailed Evaluation Memo, the Proposed Plan and any other documents ly released to the public.

A transcript of this hearing, copies of the written comments and EPA's response slringfield comments received. EPA proceeded with the management of migration portion of the remedy at that time. The ROD for the management of migration operable unit was ed in September The ROD required the construction of leachate collection and groundwater extraction systems.

The ROD also included a requirement for additional studies relating to the source control operable unit. Springfied additional studies required by the ROD have been completed and the selected remedy described in this" ROD addresses the source control portion of the cleanup. The remedy provides for the following components: capping of Waste Areas 2, 3 and 4: collection of water in french drains: extraction of groundwater with source control wells: stabilization of the side slopes: collection of landfill gases: institutional springfielld and operation and maintenance of these components.

The source. The first operable unit will mitigate the risks associated with the leachate seeps, but only partially addresses the risks Looking for a date january 17th with ingestion of groundwater, cojnty or contact with soils, and inhalation of contaminants. This second operable unit remedial action will speed dating springfield county vt the following principal threats to human health and the environment posed by the site: - ingestion of contaminated groundwater:.